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Where Romance is Humorous, Hot and From the Heart!

These are not your mama's pretty little paperbacks. I promise, no pirates, princesses, sheikhs, or arranged marriages.

Here is the part where I could bore you with a blow-by-blow account of my life-where I was born and everything I've ever done, seen, learned and read. Not to worry, I won't do it. Nor will I bother to expand on the fact that I've had an addiction to books since I was a toddler. Pretty redundant if you ask me.

Rarely, if ever, would anyone undertake the writing of a novel of any genre unless they had a lifelong love of the written word. You're here, so although I am not one to make sweeping assumptions, I feel safe to assume you are an avid reader, a fellow writer, or a writer-wannabe. Whichever the case, there is something here for you. I'm glad you stopped by. Make yourself at home, kick off your shoes and pour a cold one.

Lainey… mother… wife… daughter… sister… friend… lover… writer…